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Lolite District was founded by Alana Drummond also refered to by "Inky" who found comfort within their office setting by drawing unique designs. These designs set a fire within them that was the kindling for Lolite to be born. Inky, having cosplay experience, began to look into mixing the two, something that bridged the line between fantasy and real life.

"I just needed one person to believe in me, that's what I told myself everyday while I endlessly applied to a void of jobs with no avail; just one. After saying that so many times I began to look at my sketches, really look at them, and looked at myself and suddenly it hit me: Maybe I was meant to be that one person. To give myself the chance to create something big, something that could make the dreamers of this world wake up in the morning, put on something fun, and prepare to take on a world that will always be more beautiful when we decide to be ourselves." 

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